Samantha Fish is back at B.B.’s

Samantha Fish has been keeping busy since our own Berry Anderson profiled the young blueswoman last summer. She has spent much of 2011 over in Europe, touring with Girls with Guitars, but she’s back in KC tonight. Last night, she had a CD release at Knuckleheads for her new album, Runaway. We checked in with Fish yesterday briefly to see what else was new.
So this is kind of a debut album, right?
Right. My first solo album was a live album. Then I made an album with Girls and Guitars, which is who I’ve been touring with this year. But this is my first album album — nine original songs, recorded in the studio. Plus one Tom Petty cover — “Louisiana Rain.”
How has that Girls and Guitars tour been going?
Really great. We made a record together in November, and then we started touring Europe in January. We’ve done, I guess, three-and-a-half legs so far. Been to Germany, the U.K., France, a bunch of countries. Then we’re starting a tour of the U.S. in 10 days, in New York. And then we’re going to Australia in the fall. So, yeah, it’s been pretty amazing.
How similar is the material on Runaway to what you did on your live album?
Pretty similar, I guess. It’s very bluesy — influenced very much by the type of blues I enjoy. So it tends to be a little swampy, a little groove-oriented. Lots of guitar solos. But there’s lots of upbeat songs, too. It varies.
Who’s releasing the new album?
Ruf Records. It’s out on iTunes right now. But we thought we should have a show for people to come out and pick up the physical CD. So it’ll be a trio playing songs from the album — me, plus Paul Greenlease and Danny Montero, who’ve played with me many times before.

Thu., June 2, 2011