Sam Baker’s ‘Slots’ is your Folk Alliance International Song of the Day

The International Folk Alliance Conference & Winter Music Camp comes to KC February 19-23. To get you geared up for the folk blowout, every day we’re posting a song we like by one of the event’s showcase artists.

To understand the significance of Sam Baker’s music, you need to know how it started. In 1986, when Baker was 32, he was caught in a terrorist attack while traveling in Peru. A dozen people around Baker were killed, and Baker himself survived with severe injuries: mangled limbs, partial deafness, brain damage. Multiple surgeries were required to repair Baker’s body. He had to relearn the guitar because he could no longer play with his right hand. 

At 55, Baker’s playing is not the smoothest. His voice is cracked and rough, and his melodies are rugged things that seem like wild-picked flowers, gathered haphazardly and twisted into a song. That said, Baker is one of folk music’s finest songwriters today (the phrase “wordsmith” is frequently used to describe him). His stories are different – sometimes dismal, influenced by the bomb in Peru – and utterly time-stopping. 

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