Said, said, said, I remember when we used to sit…

…atop the throne of midwestern reggae coverage!

On a recent sweep of the office for forgotten, stashed-away bottles of crème de menthe or anything drinkable, a coworker came across this nearly 18-year-old plaque, awarding “Pitch KCMO” the honor of Best Media Coverage of Reggae Music in the 1991 Mid-America Reggae Music Awards.

An Internet search turns up neither hide nor dreadlock-hair of the kind presenters of this lost artifact, the “Friends of Reggae.” (The site just has jibberish text and a video of an old British man giving an introduction to a series of videos featuring him complaining.) Does anyone remember these great media-appreciators of yore? The current generation of Pitch music proles would love to give their retroactive thanks.

Also, this discovery comes at a good time, as the area’s reggae scene has been quite lively of late.

Ras-Trent would approve.

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