Ryan Haraughty, fired Mission Valley Middle School teacher, accused of calling student a ‘skank’

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Update (10:20 a.m. May 5): The firing of former Mission Valley Middle School teacher Ryan Haraughty started with an e-mail from a parent who was none too happy with “Sexual Harassment Week,” in which students would allegedly grope each other, according to The Kansas City Star. What could go wrong with encouraging horny middle schoolers to grope each other?

In testimony Tuesday, Haraughty reportedly refuted claims that he told a girl that she looked like her sister, except with boobs. Actually, Haraughty explained that he told a boy that he looked like his sister without female attributes — never mentioning boobies.

Still, the anti-Haraughty forces were unloading every indiscretion. An administrator testified that Haraughty “probably should have been” fired in 2006 for making a joke about penis size.

As for Principal Susie Ostmeyer, who Haraughty claimed had it out for him, she apparently had trouble answering questions with the words “encourage,” “common,” “frequently” and “discretion” in them. And on Monday, she claimed Haraughty signed a letter a reprimand with “Go to Hell.” A teary Haraughty apologized for “the mistakes I’ve made” that cost him his job.

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