Ryan Adams Quits Music, Releases “Extra Cheese” for Valentine’s Day

Those lamenting Ryan Adams’ recent declaration that he’s quitting music for the time being can comfort themselves with Extra Cheese, an iTunes exclusive EP released today that features seven hand-picked love songs from Adams’ catalog.

1. “Two” from 2007’s Easy Tiger

2. “Blossom” from 2005’s Cold Roses

3. “Answering Bell” from 2001’s Gold

4. “Evergreen” from 2008’s Cardinology

5. “My Love For You Is Real” from 2007’s Follow The Lights EP

6. “Desire” from 2002’s Demolition


7. “Hey There Mrs. Lovely,” previously unreleased.

Of course, true Ryan Adams fans will already have these songs — except for “Mrs. Lovely,” which, surprise surprise, isn’t being sold individually. Click here to buy the whole pizza from iTunes.

Now, about that retirement notion. … Ryan Adams — possibly the most prolific songwriter in just about any genre — saying he’s quitting music is like a frog saying he’s quittin’ flies ‘n lilypads. Let’s just hope the band can hold it together for their Feb. 27 show at the Uptown. After that, we’ll hope for the best.

(Oh, and if you do buy the pizza and wanna send me that unreleased song … DON’T THAT WOULD BE SO WRONG!!!)

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