Russell Schultz and Lizz Weber at Paddy O’Quigley’s


KC’s a pretty casual town, and we’ve all gotten used to seeing guys wearing baseball caps everywhere. That’s fine at, say, an actual baseball game or during a weekend errand run, or if you’re doing something that requires protection from the sun. But it really drives me insane when I see a guy in a baseball hat at a semi-nice restaurant (i.e. anything above the level of Applebee’s) or at a non-casual event. It’s like, come on. Try to make an effort.

So, when I saw Russell at the 119th Street Paddy O’Quigley’s on Saturday night, I appreciated the fact that he (a) sported a stylish hat, and (b) the rest of his outfit was nice and neat. And this at a sports bar’s karaoke night! His girlfriend, Lizz, was adorable, too; she wore a summery floral knee-length dress and these awesome cowboy-looking boots with a short heel.

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