Royals roundup: Dayton Moore blames the nerds

Royals G.M. Dayton Moore has a strained relationship with the stats crowd.

The performance-analysis types thought Moore was nuts to give José Guillen $36 million. They hated the trade for walk-averse Mike Jacobs. Yuniesky Betancourt‘s arrival in Kansas City prompted ESPN’s Keith Law to suggest that the Cuban-born shortstop was possibly “the worst everyday player in the majors.”

One move that met with approval was Moore’s signing of reliever Juan Cruz before the 2009 season. Calling Cruz’ two-year, $6 million deal “Grand Theft Reliever,” blogger Rany Jazayerli praised Moore for putting the Royals in a position to compete for a division title. (Alas, the Royals finished 21 games out of first.)

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