Rooftop Vigilantes’ tour truths are stranger than fiction.


Wherever the Rooftop Vigilantes go, hilarity seems to follow.

The Lawrence garage-pop outfit hit the road this month for a cross-country tour. We checked in with guitarist and singer Zach Campbell en route to Cleveland, and he relayed the following highlights from what’s turned out to be a zany tour.

Missoula, Montana – “There was this coked-out dude who invited us to stay at his house, and when we showed up there were five guys with machine guns listening to mariachi music. For some reason, it didn’t faze us. They seemed nice enough – they just happened to have machine guns. I don’t think the guns were loaded, but the people handling them definitely were.”

Boise, Idaho – “We found out through the drummer of the Doobie Brothers that George Thorogood is a total asshole. Then he asked us for a place to stay.” (Editor’s note: The man was crazy and toothless and may not have actually been in the Doobie Brothers).

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