Rocket From the Crypt

Unless you’ve been hiding out in a cave Osama-style, you’ve probably encountered a music magazine cover that proclaimed “The Return of the Rock!” I hate to say I told you so, but just because a couple of garage bands write hooky songs that receive airplay doesn’t mean we’ve returned to the 1991-92 alternative-nation heyday. However, one constant from those days of yore is Rocket From the Crypt. A dozen years before the Hives made millions marketing their mugs on MTV, this San Diego sextet’s members flirted with ’60s soul and ’70s garage punk, donned matching outfits and presented their product in person with over-the-top sarcastic showmanship. At its last stop in Lawrence in 1995, the group played a free concert; this show will be admission-price-optional, too — assuming you have a Rocket-related tattoo.

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