Rocker Grrls

For everyone who digs Morrissey’s sensitivity but wishes he had a little more sex appeal: Meet Nina Diaz. Occasionally referred to as the “female Morrissey,” this sparkplug of a singer fronts Girl in a Coma, an all-girl San Antonio, Texas, band. Diaz’s big sister, drummer Phanie D, recruited her for the gig at age 12. Van tours and much cross-country rocking out ensued, eventually in front of none other than Joan Jett, who signed Girl in a Coma to her Blackheart Records on the spot. It’s clear why. The vibrant guitars recall the good old days of Smiths-style rock, perfectly complemented by Diaz’s rich alto, which is mournful, sultry, smooth and strong. Girl in a Coma and Katlyn Conroy play the Jackpot Music Hall (943 Massachusetts, 785-832-1085) tonight in Lawrence. Tickets to the 18-and-older show cost $8 in advance or $10 at the door.

Wed., July 2, 2008