Rizzloe Jones was unleashed on America in the KC episode of X Factor

A prep-school version of Mac Lethal was the surprise of last night’s X Factor — the singing talent show that stopped at the Sprint Center this June in an attempt to suss out Kansas City’s hidden musical gems. Rizzloe Jones, the towheaded rapper who unbuttons just enough of his polo shirt to be edgy, freestyled his way into the next round (here’s E Online’s recap of the entire show). For those who aren’t familiar with Jones’ body of work as an actor, model and rapper, allow him to introduce himself (courtesy of his website):

I have been rapping for 4 years, as well as modeling and some acting. Ever since I was 3 years old people knew I would be a star and now I’m watching that come to reality. I love girls with country accents and people who have manners like opening doors for one another. One of my life long dreams is to swim in a pool full of jello.

I would have said the world has too many polite rappers. I was wrong, America.

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