Riverside Wellness: Where Quality Medical Cannabis and Kind People Come Together

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When Riverside Wellness opened their dispensary doors last year—smackdab in the middle of the pandemic, no less—they were determined to find out each and every one of their patient’s needs. “A lot of our team came from the hospitality industry,” says Mary Ann Denzer, Riverside Wellness COO and general manager. “We wanted to not just talk to our customers, but to specifically listen to them about how we could improve their quality of life.”

It didn’t take long before this woman-, minority- and veteran-owned medical marijuana dispensary in Riverside, Missouri found their niche in the market. “We had this revolution happen. Our customers appreciate our honest, compassionate approach,” adds Denzer. “We’ll spend ample time with each person helping them pick out what’s right for them and then follow up afterwards. That’s what separates us. We want to listen to where the customer is at—so we can find the ideal product for them. The four founders of Riverside Wellness also wanted to make the entire process as easy and seamless for cannabis patients as possible.

“We added a drive-thru window, delivery, and in- store sales,” she says. “It’s truly one-stop shopping.”

Riversidewellness Zachbauman 20220912 59With an extensive selection of products from which to choose, Denzer says the entire team is dedicated to helping medical marijuana patients live their best life. “For some patients, it can be frustrating. They might be suffering from cancer, epilepsy, severe pain—and the medical field hasn’t helped them,” she says. “We can offer them other solutions for a better quality of life. And that’s important—especially people with chronic pain and chronic diseases. Giving them an option has been especially rewarding for our staff. We’re helping to change their lives and provide them with some relief.”

Born at the beginning of the Missouri cannabis industry, the knowledgeable team at Riverside Wellness remains well-versed in their field. “We know the latest science-based product info, so you’re aware what you are taking, and why,” says Denzer. “We feel really lucky to be located in the Kansas City market. There’s a reason why Missouri is called the Show-Me state. Our patients are all great. They want to know everything—and we love that. They crave all the information and we’re eager to share it with them.”

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