Rightbloggers see Chicago’s Olympics snub as Obama’s foreign policy crisis — which they cheer

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Last week rightbloggers were outraged when President Obama struck a conciliatory tone in his address to the U.N. General Assembly.

They didn’t like that, nor did they like Obama’s warm reception there,

and predicted this love-fest would only encourage our adversaries, with

dire consequences for the United States.

Time will tell. But this week a different international organization to

whom Obama applied rebuffed him and the United States. This

rightbloggers celebrated as a triumph.

We speak of course of the International Olympic Committee decision to

stage the 2016 Olympics in Rio rather than in Chicago, for which Obama

had made a last-minute appearance at an IOC meeting in Copenhagen.

It was a result for which, with some rare exceptions, they’d been rooting all along:

“I believe it is always a

worthwhile endeavor to promote and boost the United States of America

and invite the world to see what we’re all about,” Obama said

before the decision. In response, rightbloggers rushed to warn the IOC

that Chicago was a seething criminal hellhole. “2016 headline: Violence

greets Chicago Olympics,” predicted Don Surber,

citing a recent incident of youth violence. “The group of Chicagoans

who want to give the Olympics to Rio de Janeiro just got a boost

courtesy of the Third World gangs that rule — and have ruled for

decades — large swaths of the gun-controlled city,” said the Poca,

West Virginia-based writer.

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