Rightbloggers play Miss Manners with Obama’s treasonous Japanese bow

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Ever wonder why rightbloggers don’t ever just say the hell with it?

Week after week we unfailingly find them locked in the highest of

dudgeons, raging about such inanities as old Sesame Street episodes or a non-existent suppressed Obama “thesis.”

Wouldn’t you expect them to occasionally look at the more piddling of

these outrages as they come over the transom and decide it just isn’t

worth their effort and self-embarrassment?

Being the optimistic sort, we held out hope till recently that

something would eventually hit their circuit breakers. But now we

aren’t so sure. Because if they couldn’t resist the recent affair of

the President’s bow to the Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress

Michiko, clearly there’s no bait at which they’ll fail to snap.

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