Rightbloggers on goddamn liberal Law & Order, Tea-Party Robin Hood, and other culture war gibberish

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After 20 years on NBC, Law & Order has been canceled (though it may get picked up by

TNT). The show had an extraordinary run — one season shy of a TV

drama-series record. So it would seem reasonable to blame its demise on

old age or perhaps a superfluity of L&O spin-offs, right?

Not in rightblogger world. “IT MOVED LEFT, HEMORRHAGED VIEWERS, and now Law

& Order has been cancelled,” said Instapundit.

“Along with a bunch of other shows.”

A show about catching and convicting skels ‘moved left’? How? Did Jack

McCoy become obsessed with root causes and stop prosecuting crooks? Did

the cops turn into social workers?

Rightbloggers offered many explanations, but the main idea was this: If

they think something on TV — or in movies like Robin Hood

doesn’t comform to their world view, it’s a gesture of contempt toward

ordinary Americans (i.e. them), and part of a conspiracy against the

American way of life (i.e. them).

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