Rightbloggers lament the persecution of best-selling author Sarah Palin

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We’ve been flooded with publicity for Sarah Palin‘s Going Rogue, with large book signings and subsidiary press events (like the nude photos of Palin’s former son-in-law-presumptive, now nemesis Levi Johnston). The memoir is on track for a fabulous sale.

Rightbloggers, as you might imagine, have plenty to say about it. Not

about the book’s contents, so much — not many of them seem to have

read it yet (though Governor Palin for President

approved of an alleged similarity between the covers of a Reagan book

and Palin’s; “Coincidence? Surely not. Make no mistake, our lady from

the north is laying the groundwork and doing the homework necessary to

pick up the mantle of Reagan in 2012″).

It’s the publicity that has excited them — and not the favorable publicity, either. As usual

with rightbloggers and Palin, even in her moment of glory (and great

personal enrichment) the big story is that Palin is being mistreated.

“Sarah Palin Demonized while Obama Walks on Water,” said our obama nation. “She continues to call forth a deep and almost primal rage in her opponents,” said neo-neocon. “Because Sarah Palin is an individual not made in Washington D.C. and not approved by the D.C. power players,” said Bonzai: A Libertarian Blog, “she must be destroyed.”

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