Rightbloggers keep it sweet on Haiti — unless you attack Rush, are Obama, etc.

The disaster in Haiti has obsessed both mainstream media and bloggers,

and for the most part rightbloggers have been exceptionally

well-behaved about it. Even some normally obstreperous critics have praised Obama for his interventions, and if they piled on Danny Glover for attributing the quake to global warming, they were at least as likely to pile on Pat Robertson for attributing it to the influence of the Devil.

Good for them. Even those with a habitual liberal-blaming streak were sensible, at least in reflection. When Instapundit,

seeing that Obama had summoned ex-Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush

to aid the Haitian relief, suggested that “somebody at the White House”

was “trying to avoid unfortunate comparisons” by not inviting Jimmy

Carter, he allowed his readers to defend the similar exclusion of the

first George Bush on the grounds that he is 85 years old. Given that

Carter is the same age, we will assume, in keeping with the general

spirit of comity, that this was offered as an implicit defense of


Nonetheless, as often happens at such times, many of the brethren sank to the occasion.

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