Rightbloggers defend Rush with an NFL boycott; are beer, buffalo wings next?

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The National Football League has a large millionaire population which predictably contributes overwhelmingly to Republicans over Democrats. Yet this week we learned from rightbloggers that the NFL is in fact a wing of the liberal conspiracy.

Early this month Rush Limbaugh and Dave Checketts collaborated on a bid to buy the St. Louis Rams NFL franchise. But after some people in the League — including Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith — raised objections to the controversial radio host’s involvement, and Colts owner Jim Irsay said he’d vote against any bid involving him, Limbaugh found himself off the team.

It was believed that comments Limbaugh had made about black people generally, and black people in the NFL specifically — comparing NFL games to confrontations “between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons,” for example — influenced his critics in the League, leading to his ouster.

Bidding on pro sports franchises is usually subject to league review, which does not always go the bidders’ way, as when Jim Balsillie unsuccessfully tried to take over the NHL Coyotes

earlier this year. The fairness of such procedures may be disputed, but

it’s rare that anyone tries to make a Constitutional issue of them: Sports business, like sports, has rules, and those that don’t like them

may go play somewhere else.

But the involvement of Limbaugh — who quickly blamed his defenestration on Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who had opposed

the bid — elevated for rightbloggers this bit of inside-football to

Code Red status, and the NFL to fellow travelers whom they proposed to

punish with their ultimate, if unlikely, weapon: a conservative boycott

of pro football …

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