Reunited Man Or Astro-Man? to play SXSW

Last week was kind of the week from hell, so forgive me for being about 10 days late on picking this up. However, for you sad bastards (like myself) who missed this nugget of fantastical news, here’s the press release:

The slumber is over and Man or Astro-Man? must see what has become of earth in the wake of their absence. So indeed, for all of humanity, 2010 will be the year of contact, or, at least re-contact with the original space cadets themselves: Starcrunch, Birdstuff, and Coco. In addition to all the scientific experiments and live music demonstrations, MOAM? will host a variety of benefits and charities for earth specimens, predominantly in the human or animal form.

The first opportunity to see them perform will be on March 6th at The Bottletree in Birmingham, Alabama. Later that month, MOAM will play several shows at the SxSW music festival in Austin, TX (March 17-21).

Expect to see various posts that look like this in a month and a half: “HOLY SHIT!!! I JUST GOT TO SEE MOAM!!! OMG!!!!111” Just a warning.

MP3: Man Or Astro-Man?, “Within One Universe There Are Millions”

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