Residents in streetcar expansion zones are getting incorrect property tax assessments


KC Streetcar. // Photo by Kelcie McKenney

Residents outside of designated areas affected by the expansion of the KC Streetcar Project may have received a ‘notice of assessment’ through the mail by mistake.

The Transportation Development District (TDD) of Kansas City mailed notices to residents regarding an assessment of properties falling within designated zones. Residents may be alarmed because this notice will affect property taxes and may result in a fee from the city for the 2021 tax year. 

Tdd Image

TDD statement. // courtesy of TDD

The TDD has stated that if you are not located in the designated ‘yellow’ and ‘green’ graphic, you are not part of the assessment and have received the mailing in an error which they are working to resolve. 

Street Car

TDD streetcar expansion map. // courtesy of TDD

David Johnson, a representative of the TDD board says, “As the notice indicates, this is not a bill and the actual TDD special assessment will appear on your combined property tax bill issued by Jackson County in November 2021. Thanks for your patience as your elected TDD board of directors works to resolve this issue.”

The streetcar expansion will extend the current endpoint from Union Station, further south to the UMKC campus at 51st and Brookside. The KC Streetcar is free and receives funding from the TDD through sales tax, property assessments, and parking lot assessments. Currently, the project is scheduled to begin construction later this year or early 2022, with the expansion being available to riders beginning 2025.

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