Residential recovery center Welcome House breaks ground on new facility June 23

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Welcome House. // Courtesy Lure Marketing Company

For 51 years, Welcome House has been serving men living with drug and alcohol addiction. Since 1986, it has been located in a 120-year-old building.

The residential recovery center will begin a new chapter June 23 at 8:30 a.m. when the board of directors, residents, and partners of Welcome House break ground on a new facility. 

The new location will be three stories tall and 27,000 square feet, adjacent to the current facility on 1414 E. 27th Street. 

Development Director Grant Golson says their building has served many purposes in its lifetime, but that there isn’t enough room for growth. The new facility will have over 100 beds in comparison to the 80 that are currently available. 

Welcome House originally planned to operate on a budget of about $10 million, but that’s no longer feasible. 

“Current market conditions, including inflation, supply chain issues, the COVID-19 pandemic, war, and other global factors, have caused our original budget to increase by more than 30% to $13.5 million,” Golson says. 

There are several ways community members can get involved. Welcome House is accepting donations through its website or directly through Golson by phone at (816) 472-0760. 

Interested participants can also join Welcome House’s fifth annual Swing Fore Recovery Golf Classic fundraiser held at Canyon Farms Golf Club Oct. 10, 2022. Team registration opens July 24, but registration for sponsors is open now. Participants can rub elbows with celebrity players, compete for awards and prizes, and attend the reception after the tournament. 

Given their continued success, Welcome House has every reason to celebrate. The projected national average of residential recovery programs, according to Golson, is 15-25%. Welcome House has exceeded this since 2017 and concluded 2021 with a 37.4% graduation rate. 

Welcome House is open to men 21+ years of age who are committed to getting sober. The facility even offers a Jumpstart program where residents can work up to 20 hours per week for the first two weeks of their stay, enabling them to cover the $24 per day program fees. Residents are required to seek and sustain employment.

“One of the goals of the new facility is to truly provide a welcoming home to our residents,” Golson says. “One where they can grow, learn ,and thrive as they start their recovery journey. The spaces that will be provided in the new facility will provide convenience, comfort, and a sense of camaraderie for our residents while allowing Welcome House to continue to expand our services with larger and more adaptable spaces.”

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