Reporter’s Notebook: More from Clinton Adams

In my story this week, Housing for Dummies, I wrote about the city’s housing department, or lack thereof. In the story, I quoted Kansas City lawyer and Urban Summit attendee Clinton Adams as he faulted Sharon Sanders Brooks’ leadership on the housing committee.

Space didn’t permit the inclusion of all that Adams had to say on the subject of faulty leadership, which included criticism of more than just Sanders Brooks.

On City Manager Wayne Cauthen: “Some of us with the Urban Summit are extremely frustrated and disappointed in the City Manager’s handling of housing. When he met with us, he had no answers, no solutions, no substantive plans to address the problem, and I was extremely troubled that he didn’t seem receptive to any input from the African American community. In light of the strong support we provided when he was on the brink of termination, it’s clear he has all the loyalty of a leech.”

On Councilwoman Cindy Circo: “In my view, Cindy Circo did not do enough to hold the City Manager accountable in the matter of housing…I don’t think Cindy was being very effective in addressing the concerns of inner city residents with respect to the dysfunctional housing apparatus at City Hall. Quite frankly, I’m not as upset as some others about the mayor making a change.”

Nadia Pflaum

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