Replay Lounge announces its Spring into Summer lineup, celebrating the annual exodus of students this Saturday

As much as Lawrence depends on the University of Kansas’ student population to bolster the local economy, there’s nothing quite as nice for Larryville’s townies as when those students take off for the summer, freeing up space downtown in restaurants and bars and reducing the aggravation of young, new-to-town drivers and their tendencies to do things like drive the wrong way down one-way streets.

This year, the Replay, as is tradition every KU graduation weekend, is hosting its annual “Spring into Summer” day, complete with a slew of local acts both out on the patio and inside. And if music is not enough for you, let Taco Zone (the Replay’s in-house taco stand featuring traditional style slow-braised meats) sway you with delicious tastes and smells. Cover is $5. 

This year’s lineup is as follows: 

5:30 – Approach
6:30 – Paper Buffalo
7:30 – OILS
8:30 – Drakkar Sauna

9:30 – Gnarly Davidson
10:30 – Psychic Heat
11:30 – The Conquerors
12:30 – Mouthbreathers

Details here

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