REO Speedwagon, Styx and friends promise cheap tickets on next tour

Fear not, classic rock obsessives: the global economic crisis will not waylay this year’s round of washed-up, amusement-park-haunting ghosts of ’70s arena rock. In fact, a couple such bands are using all this talk of stimuli to their PR advantage. Behold, VH1 Classic and the video game Rock Band® present REO Speedwagon and Styx on the Can’t Stop Rockin’ Tour. In addition to recording a song together next month that will be called “Can’t Stop Rockin'” (listen for it on a Flomax commercial near you), REO and Styx are pulling their pals .38 Special out of deep freeze and setting out on a tour that’s “geared to give the ultimate classic rock experience at a fan friendly ticket price.”

What’s that price? Why, only $13.50 in most markets. (Still a good thirteen bucks more than any sane person would pay for this tour, but not a bad deal nonetheless.)

“Both bands have always tried to keep our ticket prices low so that none of our fans get left out. It’s our own personal Rock ‘n’ Roll Stimulus package,” Tommy Shaw, guitarist and cryptkeeper for Styx, is quoted as saying in the press release.

Tickets for the Kansas City show, June 4, at Starlight Theatre, go on sale March 7.

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