Registered Democrats in Kansas targeted with personalized voter disinformation in texting campaign

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Photo by Brock Wilbur

Kansas voters have recently found themselves as the target of falsified information ahead of this month’s election. Registered voters have received texts from external organizations containing their correct names and addresses alongside inaccurate information about polling locations.

Monday morning, Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab released a statement encouraging voters to verify their polling location through government sources.

Misinformation Text

A Kansas voter received a text from Voting Futures with inaccurate information. // Courtesy of Johnson County Democrats

“Voters should be on high alert for these messages,” says Secretary Schwab. “The Secretary of State’s office does not use third parties to contact voters or share election information on our behalf. State and local election officials are the trusted sources for election information, and I encourage voters to contact our office or their county election office for assistance.”

Movement Labs, a text-message campaign service, released a statement regarding one instance of inaccurate messages. In collaboration with Black Voters Matter and Voto Latino, the organization takes full responsibility for the claims, writing: “We didn’t specify in our text that we were trying to encourage voters to vote early, and so many voters familiar with their election day vote location were confused and thought we were telling them to vote on election day at an early vote location.” 

The Kansas ACLU is still investigating additional reports of messages from the organization Voting Futures. ACLU’s legal director Sharon Brett, directs people to call their voter protection hotline, 866-OUR-VOTE, if they receive messages from unverified organizations. Reporting allows the organization to track message trends and identify specific targets of the schemes. 

Kansas voters can check their voter registration status and polling location online or by calling the KS Elections Division at 785-296-4561.

Missouri voter information can be found online or by calling 573-751-2301.

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