Regina Carter

Regina Carter has a well-established reputation for making people nervous. In 2001, she single-handedly set Genoa, Italy, on its ear by becoming the first nonclassical musician to lay hands on Nicol Paganini’s fabled violin “the Cannon,” entrusted to the city’s care following the virtuoso’s death in 1840. In her hands, the instrument helped Carter win over her Italian doubters with a hugely successful concert. That event paved the way for her reunion with the Cannon the next year to record the classically infused jazz album Paganini: After a Dream. Carter’s atypical approach should make area aficionados nervous as well, considering that even in death, Claude “Fiddler” Williams is still recognized as the patron saint of jazz violin in the Midwest. Yet if history teaches us anything, Carter will have her audience wrapped around her bow from the first moment the rosined hair meets a string.

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