Red, White and Boom


Ten to twenty minutes. That’s all the time the majority of the acts slated to appear at Red, White and Boom get, and for the most part, that’s just the right amount. It should give Hammer enough time to dance through “U Can’t Touch This” and maybe a couple more guilty pleasures (“Addams Groove,” not so much). It allows Ginuwine plenty of time to flesh out his perfect-for-summer hit “Hell Yeah.” And speaking of flesh, it gives guys plenty of time to check out Blu Cantrell, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt as they perform their signature hits (“Hit ’em Up Style,” “I Think I’m In Love With You,” and, uh, that one song, respectively) in the hot, sweat-inducing, tank-top-inviting weather. Beware, however: Simpson’s husband, Nick Lachey, will be onstage, and the longer 40- to 45-minute sets belong to Hootie and the Blowfish and the Goo Goo Dolls. Boomers might be tempted to leave, except that American Idol winner Kelly “Miss Independence” Clarkson (does it get more patriotic?) fills out the final slot. Plus, as the event’s title implies, fireworks will be involved. The show is said to be spectacular; it certainly should be considering that fireworks tend to get marked down to half-price right after the Fourth of July, and RW&B happens five days later.

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