Rebecca at Donna’s Dress Shop


When Jen and I started this blog, we swore that we would take lots of pictures of all different kinds of people – not just young, hot chicks. But so far this week, it’s been all young, hot chicks. It is Hot Chicks Week at Clothes Whores.

Accordingly, here’s Rebecca. She works for Donna of Donna’s Dress Shop on 39th Street, and Donna herself has already graced these pages. (Screens? Movable Type databases? Bueller?)

Rebecca reminds me of Natalie Portman after she shaved her head for V is for Vendetta. Only she’s got a star shaved into the back of hers, and a teensy rat-tail-like thing in back. Like reverse bangs, sorta.

I ask her where she got the guts.

“I’ve always wanted to,” she says of the shave. She got it done thanks to stylist Josh Crumley of Se Faire Belle in North Kansas City. The star is growing out, so “I might do lightning bolts or diamonds next time, wherever the wind blows me. I was thinking of doing dollar signs too, but that might be too ridiculous.” She considers this. Too ridiculous, really? “Probably not,” she grins.

Donna herself walks in as Rebecca and I talked, and tells me that Rebecca set off a mini-gold-rush on gold leggings at Donna’s single-handedly (or double-leggedly), after walking to and from work on 39th Street wearing them. “People came in asking for them after seeing her,” Donna says proudly.

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