During comedian Martin Plant‘s gig at RecordBar (1020 Westport Road), don’t expect any “what’s the deal?” observational clichés. Plant, a comedic transplant from the U.K., doesn’t care about women asking men to hold their purses or why men leave the toilet seat up. His style instead aspires to the purity of Lenny Bruce or George Carlin, comics who he says tried to “challenge you as well as make you laugh.” Plant explains: “I don’t get what’s funny about just pointing out something that happens and moving on. There’s no substance.” For him, substance means social commentary from “a drunk Englishman with a foul mouth and some good ideas.” His promise: “It’s not going to be mother-in-law jokes and silly voices.” Plant’s show, Leading the Horses, starts at 9 p.m. Tickets cost $10; call 816-753-5207 or see for more information.

Fri., March 5, 9 p.m., 2010