Reach Has a Podcast

Errrrrybody welcome a brand-new arrival to the local podcast krewe (“krewe” because it’s Mardi Gras, y’all):

GoodButta Radio

Hosted by Kansas City hip-hop artist and Soul Providers Krewe affiliate Reach and featuring lots of music and personality local and nationwide, GoodButta posted its third edition on February 15 (about a week before the big man’s birthday bash). I’ve only listened to a few minutes of cast #3, but I’m already impressed with the production quality. No disrespect to other underground or community radio producers out there hustlin’ (I’ve tried it myself you know), but, well, if only we could all sound as good as this butta. Episode 3 is further bolstered by an undercurrent of mixed beats by DJs Mythik and Dublow 7 of Barbaric Merits. Later in the episode, Reach talks to Los Angelinos DJ Ice and Soleternity, who dispenses advice for young producers.

Local heads, listen up!

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