Ray Muney, LK Ultra, Tech N9ne, and more of the best in recent local music videos

Enigmas, guns, witchcraft, and musical overhauls are the name of the game in our latest roundup of local music videos. The mysterious Ronin has one song and video to its name. Ray Muney, Ces Cru’s UBI, and Tech N9ne all flash some serious firepower. Harry & the Potters sing about the wizard police state. That’s just the tip of the audio visual iceberg for this set of songs to start your summer right.

Ronin, “Money Away” 

“Ronin is an indie songwriting project based out of Kansas City, Missouri. This song was born out of obscurity.” So goes the description of Ronin’s “Money Away” on YouTube. There’s no other music out there, aside from this mysterious video, cobbled together from a selection of lyrically apt film, TV, and viral video clips. Dig Nic Cage filling his cart with liquor as “another glass of gin” comes through in the vocals. It’s a low-key, indie-dance number, and, hopefully, there’s more to come.

Harry and the Potters, “The Trace” 

Harry & the Potters’ first full-length album in 13 years, Lumos, drops on June 21. We have an interview with the band’s Paul DeGeorge in the June issue of The Pitch, but until you grip it, know this: the Potters’ new LP is based around Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, the final novel in J.K. Rowling’s series about the titular boy wizard, and it deals with some heavy shit. In this specific case, “The Trace” grapples with the idea of a surveillance state vis-a-vis the fact that the Ministry of Magic can find you if you say the name of You-Know-Who. It’s wrapped inside a catchy power-pop song, with some highly energetic live footage.

You can pre-order Lumos digitally on Bandcamp.

Ray Muney, “She Know” 

Guns. Blunts. Cars. Balaklavas. A Rick Sanchez mask. Motorcycles. A woman on a car, holding a gun. Playing guns like an air guitar. And that’s just the first half of the video. The end doesn’t come as a surprise, if you’re paying attention to the lyrics and the hints dropped early on, but it’s a nice swerve for a video where director Laron Manning does a solid job of subverting what you might otherwise expect.

Kasey Rausch, “Kansas City Redux” 

Singer-songwriter Kasey Rausch takes Leiber and Stoller’s evergreen chestnut and turns it into something fresh and clever in this short little video. It’s just Rausch and her guitar, making “Kansas City” less about a dude looking for some strange and more about celebrating the awesomely diverse selection of women musicians in and about the city. Charming and powerful, all in about 90 seconds.

UBI, “Lock Shoot Load” 

Taken from UBI’s new EP on Strange Music, Under Bad Influence 3, the CES Cru rapper’s new single alternates between a spare, skittering beat, and big, bold bass that hits like the theme from Godzilla. Neither the camera nor the rapper stop moving in this intense — and frequently funny — video. “Hit ’em with the click, clack, bang,” indeed.

You can buy or stream Under Bad Influence 3 from a variety of providers here.

LK Ultra, “Dwop Out” 

This video, which was directed and written by LK Ultra’s own Inez Robinson, is a celebration of the band that — despite the lyrical themes of trying to decide whether or not to drop out of school due to the systematic indoctrinational aspects active in the educational system — really knows how to be fun. Scooby Doo-esque slipping and sliding? We’re in, and, thanks to the on-screen lyrics, we’re singing along.

You can snag Demos For Bengal on Bandcamp.

Tech N9ne, “I Caught Crazy! (4EVER)” 

The video for “I Caught Crazy! (4EVER)” is the season finale of Kathartic, the storyline that’s been running through the last few videos from Tech N9ne’s latest for Strange, N9NA. In this episode, the lunatics have taken over the asylum in a very literal sense, and as Tech spits on the track, the point being made is If you ain’t some kinda crazy, you ain’t shit. The guards, nurses, and staff are all dosed with their own medicine — again, literally — and the crazies are back on the streets.

You can buy or stream N9NA from a variety of providers here.

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