Randy Travis

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Randy Travis has been a country hunk since before it was cool — or at least since the days when the only requirements were having most of your real teeth and being slightly younger and sexier than George Jones. Not that you ain’t pretty, Georgie. But Travis was a lean, mean, hit-making machine in the ’80s, cranking out favorites such as “Deeper Than the Holler,” “Diggin’ Up Bones” and “I Told You So.” Now the stoic poster boy for traditionalist country (see the latter-day hit “Three Wooden Crosses”) has balanced himself between lyrical references to blood-stained Bibles and the graceful, mainstream likability that first took him to the mountaintop. But despite success and apparent spiritual serenity, the man hasn’t cracked a smile since Moses was a lad. C’mon, Randy. Give us a grin. We know a real knee-slapper about a farmer, a teacher, a hooker and a preacher …

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