Rally to ‘Put People First’ and protect kids from the budget hatchet

How’s this for some math that doesn’t quite add up?

Missouri’s Department of Social Services keeps track of 9,000 kids in foster care, investigates 75,000 reported cases of child abuse annually and provides 43,000 children daycare while their low-income parents go off to work.

To do that — and more — the Child Division takes up just 3 percent of the state’s multi-billion-dollar bank account. Now, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon says he needs to cut $60 million from the state’s 2010 budget to make ends meet. But 20 percent of those proposed cuts could be aimed at that already tiny pot for kids.

Last night, at least 100 Kansas City residents packed the empty lot across from Operation Breakthrough to demand Nixon protect the state’s most vulnerable, rather than put them first on the chopping block.

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