Radkey, Page 7, Center of Attention and more in August’s must-see local videos

Summertime means bands are going on the road, hanging out on porches, and doing everything except releasing music videos. That said, we’ve scoured the tubes and found a lovely selection of music to entertain your eyes and ears while you hide out inside from the last vestiges of the summer heat. In this edition of Cine Local, we take a look back at August’s top local music videos from Radkey, a Grind Time Rap Battle, Cowgirl’s Train Set, Page 7, Center of Attention and Missouri Homegrown.

Radkey, “Love Spills”
July 31

Describing the video for “Love Spills,” from the punk rock trio’s debut LP, Dark Black Makeup, as anything other than “dope weirdness” would be reductive. It’s a fully-produced bit of gorgeous skateboarding footage, along with what we think is a storyline, but might just be people told to act destructive and weird in front of an old car.

Kansas City Rap Battle: Enso Sinatra vs T.A. Rell
August 3

Grind Time’s rap battle league has a Kansas City chapter now. Enso’s solid, but T.A. spits, man. It’s not likely to garner nearly half a million views like when Mac Lethal took on The Saurus back in 2011 , but it’s nice to see KC represent once again.

Cowgirl’s Train Set, “Bed Hog”
August 3

There’s something rather delightful in something as close and intimate as a band practice, especially shot as closely as this one is. As you watch the video, you can see the members of the band watching each the for the changes. It’s almost like you’re standing in the room with them, minus the fact that it looks rather cramped in there. Maybe watch this on your phone while standing in your closet for the full effect of this bit of bluegrass fun.


Page 7, “Survivors”
August 5

Formerly known as Yucca Roots, this Lawrence reggae act doesn’t play out that often, but when they do, it’s a solid mix of originals and deep, deep cuts. This live video, shot at the end of July on the Replay patio, not only gets at the band’s grooves, but accurately recreates the experience, complete with small children talking loudly over the band.

Center of Attention, “Straight Outta Kauffman”
August 14

The Kansas City hip-hop duo otherwise known as CoA is the Phantom and KJ. The Phantom you might know better as Kemet Coleman, the smooth-as-silk frontman for the Phantastics. We’ve not seen him drop verses in a good long while, and this anthem for the Royals makes for a great return to rhymes. It’s probably only going to get more perfect as the season winds up.

Missouri Homegrown, “Stray Dogs of Rock and Roll”
August 24

The word “dirty” doesn’t just apply to the roots rock of St. Joseph’s Missouri Homegrown. There’s more than a little nudity in this cheeky video for the title track to the group’s new LP — even obscured as it is by VHS-style fuzz and fade. It might qualify as the first video we’ve seen to operate like a flip book, as well, making it a uniquely retro experience of several different eras.

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