Radkey, last night at the Bottleneck (photos, setlist)


with Drop A Grand, the Bad Ideas, and Wick & the Tricks

The Bottleneck

Friday, March 22

Last night, Kansas City came to Lawrence for a stacked bill of local rock and roll at the Bottleneck. Headlined by power trio Radkey, the show was nearly four hours of onstage bombast, with singers, bassists, and guitarists all stalking the stage like caged tigers waiting to strike. Ears were left ringing, and everyone was still able to make curfew, as the last notes of “Romance Dawn” faded out just before midnight.

All photos by Nick Spacek

Radkey setlist

Song of Solomon

Le Song

Rock & Roll Homeschool

Evil Doer

Start Freaking Out



Love Spills

No Smart


St. Elwood

Innocents Tonight

Cat & Mouse

Hunger Pain

Red Letter

Dark Black Makeup

Romance Dawn

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