Quinn Brabender of My Brother, the Vulture on tonight’s Red Bull Locally Thrown show

  • My Brother, the Vulture

The Granada is hosting Red Bull Locally Thrown tonight. The event, hosted by Approach, will feature a smattering of some of our finest local bands and DJs. The gist of the show: A DJ (or in one case, DJ team) will collaborate with a band. Insane music and spinning ensue. The teams: SUNU with DJ Kimbarely Legal; My Brother, the Vulture with DJ G Train; Making Movies and Brent Tactic and DJ B-Stee.

We recently contacted My Brother, the Vulture via e-mail, and got a response from Quinn Brabender (drums). Brabender told us how the band got involved with DJ G Train, how collaboration practices have gone and what MBTV has planned for the near future.

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