Purple Rain forecast tonight on the Central Library’s roof

Prince is asking: Who’s in the house for Purple Rain tonight on the roof of the Central Library?

The movie, which turns 30 this month, is the third in this summer’s Off-the-Wall series. Get to the library (14 West 10th Street) between 8, when the doors open, and dusk, when the library and The Pitch crank up the DVD player. It’s free, but don’t tell Prince that part. Just nod like you’re writing His Royal Badness a royalty check for even looking at this photo (and the ones after the jump). 

Free outdoor movies on unseasonably pleasant summer nights draw crowds, so Morris Day reminds you: It pays to arrive early.

Bring something to sit on (a lawn chair or a blanket, fur optional).

Park in the garage off Baltimore, across from the library, and bring your parking stub with you for free validation.

You’ll get two coupons for full pours of KC Bier Co. beer, and I’ve seen people bring food upstairs with them (just not in glass containers). No omelets, though. 

(Dig if you will a picture of Prince eating at Milwaukee Deli, using a MyPitchDeals coupon. Can you, my darling, can you picture this? OK, I can’t, either. Not enough animals striking curious poses.)

When you see Bob Butler and me turn off my legally questionable CD of 12-inch Prince remixes and pick up our microphones, it’s almost time … to go get some popcorn.

The weather will be cool, that beer is excellent, and the Purple Rain soundtrack (due for a big reissue later this year) is forever a towering achievement. The movie? Well, you know. It’s not your lover. It’s not your friend. It is something that you cannot comprehend.

And remember, there are two more Off-the-Wall events to go: Repo Man in August, Stop Making Sense in September.

See you on the roof.