Purple Glove

Tonight, DJ Bill Pile is gonna “Michaelize and Prince” the dance floor at Blonde (100 Ward Parkway, 816-931-2525). Yes, Pile just turned Michael Jackson’s and Prince’s names into verbs. Michael v. Prince is “a night dedicated to music from Prince and the Prince camp and Michael Jackson and family,” Pile says. Starting at 9 p.m., expect Pile and DJ Mike Scott to crank up “Purple Rain,” “P Control,” “Thriller,” “Beat It” and all the other megahits as well as rarities, remixes and forgotten favorites by the royal pop stars. And the theme doesn’t stop with the soundtrack. A gigantic glove and a certain well-known but unutterable symbol adorn the walls of the club. Festively dressed dancers can complete their Jackson- and Prince-inspired outfits with the DJs’ free party favors — cardboard masks with the King of Pop’s picture on one side and Prince’s face on the other. But when it comes to actually dancing, the professional impersonators Pile hired will shame any posers. “The Michael Jackson guy just does all the moves,” Pile promises.

Thu., March 6, 9 p.m., 2008