Protestors gather to push for small business, large death tolls

Quarantinescape Protest 0723

Confusing social distancing with the concept of socialism while also pushing the QAnon conspiracy. // Photo by Jim Nimmo

We’ve been asking members of the KC community to submit stories about life under house arrest. If you’ve got a story you’d like to share, please send it to for consideration. Today, Jim Nimmo takes photos of the ill-advised protest that ignores both science and loving thy neighbor. Please stay inside, we beg of you.

KC Voices local submissionsIllustration by Jack Raybuck

It was a wild time and very sad to see. There were a lot of batshit crazies there but there were also some “very good people” who are just scared about surviving. (I hope that minority of the scared comes through in the photos.)

The person in the Trump car was not one of those….

I was glad I was there. He was revving his engine and trying to scare the protestor blocking his truck when I yelled out, “Great shot” and he saw I was recording so he settled down. So for that alone, I was glad I was there.

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