Professional artisans retouch the Grand Hall ceiling at Union Station


Renovations at Union Station’s Grand Hall ceiling. // Photo Courtesy of Union Station

Kansas City’s Union Station will host a team of professional artisans from In and Out Painting to restore bumps and blotches on the extraordinary Grand Hall ceiling.

The week-long project is being funded by the Sunderland Foundation via their generous $5 million grant, which will directly support this brush-up along with other maintenance, renovation, and betterment projects across Union Station’s illustrious grounds.

The grandiose ceilings extend far beyond personal reach, but that doesn’t mean the decorative dome is exempt from harm. Even slight scratches and scuffs may result in expensive problems. Objects such as helium balloons released in the Station can damage the building’s plaster and paint. Grand Hall employees will be extra vigilant towards prohibited items.

Retouching and restoring intricate paintings as such on the Grand Hall ceiling requires scrutinizing skill and detail. Be mindful of the artists working hard to maintain the inherent splendor of the beloved and arguably most photographed interior of Union Station.

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