Prizzy Prizzy Please, Rooftop Vigilantes, Sons of Great Dane, Overstep: Wednesday’s Best Bets

In Lawrence, Chicago’s Prizzy Prizzy Please are at the Replay with Ooh Barracuda and Rooftop Vigilantes, and if there is one thing you can count on here at the Wayward Blog, it is that if Rooftop Vigilantes are playing a show in town, WE WILL RECOMMEND IT. This one seems especially promising, though: Prizzy plays a riotous, sans-guitar, pro-saxophone version of punk rock that calls to mind Fugazi and Van Halen in equal measure. 
In KC, at the Riot Room, it’s Overstep, Sons of Great Dane, and Walking Oceans, which is NOT a Toad the Wet Sprocket cover band. 
What else? 
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