Primetime Heroes

Two little words can simultaneously force adolescent girls into a squealing frenzy and send music snobs scurrying for the lifeboats. The “pop punk” label can also sound the death knell for any band hoping to garner respect from stoics who peddle in street cred. But there’s no way around describing A Date With Destiny as pop-punk. The Elmer’s Glue guitars. The Velcro vocals. The music that sticks to that toe-tappin’ section of your brain like flypaper. Cynics who decry the Sex Pistols as the N’Sync of the ’70s will hate themselves for humming “Negatively Charged.” But hum they will. They will want to cackle with derision as the newest New Found Glory explores well-trodden high school corridors of thought. But resistance is futile. After a few spins, it’s difficult not to rock your head to “Back in Rotation,” sing along to “Friends With Potential” or crank the stereo when “Shut-In” comes on. Yes, it’s a bit sugary. No, it’s not exposing the plight of homeless transvestites in Kuala Lumpur or whatever it is “important” albums do. But it’s still hard to resist. The band might be running a little late for its Date With Destiny; some fickle fans have begun to turn on their pop-punk faves. But for now, these heroes are ready for prime time.

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