Premiere: Zarin Micheal has “No Regrets” while preparing a new album

Calm in the eye of the storm
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Zarin Michael. // Photo by Amir Williams

It’s hard to not feel at least a little bit hopeful for the future while you’re listening to Zarin Micheal’s new single. The Kansas City rapper is preparing his next album, A Million Miles Away Pt. 2, and is offering up “No Regrets” as a preview.

Over a pensive, but buoyant beat from Corey Plescia, Micheal reflects on his life and the struggles he’s faced while simultaneously outlining the steps he’s taken to overcome each obstacle placed in his path. Micheal places a capstone on a difficult 2020—“Pain we endured this year / This shit been tragic”—but somehow manages to find plentiful silver linings, looking to 2021 and beyond it with confidence.

A few words from Zarin about where he’s at right now:

“I couldn’t feel more complete or happier than I am at this very moment, and more close to my purpose.”

Listen to the song below.

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