Premiere: Willie Heart Eyes’ “Christmas This Year (We’re Gonna Do Something Fun)” is a doozie

Willie Heart Eyes Copy

I’ve been leaning hard into Christmas music this year, digging out every album I have on the shelves and clicking on each and every link which hits my inbox featuring new holiday tunes.

While there’s a slew of music out there right now, including not one, but two ska-punk covers of the Waitresses’ “Christmas Wrapping,” nothing has made me feel quite as happy as Drugs & Attics’ Willie Jordan’s new song, “Christmas This Year (We’re Gonna Do Something Fun).”

Recorded under the name Willie Heart Eyes, the tune is local, it’s synthy, it’s a little sad but hopeful–everything I could possibly want in a song at this point in time. As Jordan wrote in an email with a brief (very brief) quote about the song, “I’ve always been a sucker for Christmas, but this one’s gonna be a doozie!”

We’re premiering it right now:

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