Premiere: Kat King’s ‘With Nothing in My Way’ is a superlative sad banger


Kat King Lead Press Photo

Kat King. // Photo by Morgan Jones

The latest single from Kansas City shimmer-pop band Kat King, “With Nothing in My Way,” takes the sound the band explored on their last single, “New Sun,” and turns it into something less breezy and more introspective. It’s no less entrancing for being a sad banger, however, and you can definitely find yourself dancing on your own with no shame whatsoever. We’re excited to premiere it here, thanks to the folks at Manor Records. You can read the story behind the track from the eponymous frontwoman below.

“This was one of those songs that just kind of ‘magically’ flew out of me if you will. I wrote it in the peak of lock down after a very heavy and necessary break-up. The dichotomy of being locked in my home while also feeling a resounding new freedom was interesting to say the least. It was the first time in a long time that I felt like I could give my whole being into caring about others and prioritizing self-care in a way I hadn’t been able to because I wasn’t caught up in my own afflictions. This song, unintentionally at first, became a challenge of how many melodies I could stack on each other without it turning into chaos to really emphasize the feeling of ‘I can do whatever I want and give my energy to whatever I want to.’ We recorded this song with our own gear in our keyboardist’s garage and sent it to our producer from there and I couldn’t be happier with it.”

You can find more information about Kat King at the Manor Records website.

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