Premiere: Edison Lights’ ‘Josephine (In Quarantine)’ shines a light on the pandemic

2021 Band Promo

With the release of their new EP, Find Some Light, Kansas City power-pop quintet Edison Lights continue bringing a sense of upbeat positivity to their music. It’s a much-needed breath of fresh air after a year of lockdowns and quarantine, and it’s reflected in their latest single, “Josephine (in Quarantine),” which we’re happy to be premiering today. Everything was shot by the band and edited by their keyboardist, Nate Juraschek, who was a former film school student, making this a homegrown production through and through.

Check it out below, along with a Q&A with Edison Lights’ bassist and vocalist, Eason Pritchard, about the making of the video and the band’s latest release.

The Pitch: The video for “Josephine (in Quarantine)” shares some themes both lyrically and visually with your first single off the new EP, “Find Some Light.” Was it intentional to go for themes of positivity, or was it something that the band found itself gravitating toward naturally?

Eason Pritchard: I would say yes on both counts. With the amount of music we have to pull from, there was a deliberate decision to focus on positivity selecting those specific tracks. That said, it was also bourne out of how we’ve been feeling over the past year, being isolated from one another but with frustrations over socio-economic and political unrest. Lastly, we’ve all been dealing with life events in a small, 2-year span of time. We’ve lost parents, friends, divorced, and some overcome serious health issues, we needed the positive juju as much as anyone else, maybe more.

I’ve seen a lot of videos during the pandemic which lean into embracing the limitations of not being able to gather. This new video, particularly, goes very tongue-in-cheek with that approach. Has the band been able to get together much during the pandemic, or is this an accurate reflection of how you’ve had to meet?

The video concept came primarily from Chris [Doolittle, guitar and vocals] and Scotty [Rex, drums and vocals] (who is Josephine’s singer and songwriter). The five of us have not all been in the same room with one another since March of last year. The recordings are done with one or two of us together in the same space a lot of emailing back and forth and a ridiculous amount of text messages.

Find Some Light is the first of three EPs Edison Lights will release this year. What’s the plan behind this, as opposed to a second LP like Bright Ideas | Dark Matters?

I don’t think Chris nor I had any idea how much work it would take to promote something without playing live to support it, it’s required more. We had already started recording the next two EPs before FSL was released and will start back up soon. The plan to release EPs came from how different the music is from itself stylistically topically. We’re definitely grouping things by style/vibe and themes will underpin each subsequent release. The decision to release EPs came from the learning we need to release more frequently to adapt to currently listening trends. We all come from an era when albums were consumed in bedrooms, headphones on, and listened front to back with liner notes studied. It’s been a complete mind-shift but we understand this is how we reach a broader audience today and build a base.

Additionally, will the next two EPs carry along the theme of illumination in their titles?

If we were smart brand marketers, we’d keep the trend going, we’re not. Based on what I believe the next titles to be, our plan is to break from the pattern. Who knows, we could change our minds at the last minute, we’ll see.

Given that there was a two-year gap between the release of your first album and your first live show, does the new EP have you all champing at the bit to get onstage?

We are pretty desperate to play out, but two of the venues we played have closed to the pandemic. We may struggle to find places or have lost potential bookings to the early birds that got the worm so to speak. None of us have spent any time calling clubs and making plans for 2021. It might be a wash.

Edison Lights’ Find Some Light is out now.

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