Premiere: Cheery’s ‘Vulture’ is brighter, but still heartbreaking

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Cheery’s Katlyn Conryor // photo credit John Clayton

Katlyn Conroy, formerly of La Guerre and Cowboy Indian Bear, debuted not one, but two new projects this year. They’re both superb. One, called Dooms, pairs her with Orion Dollar, who’d worked with Conroy on La Guerre, while Cheery sees the musician in more of a traditional band lineup.

We’ve shared a video from Cheery before–the Kate Bush-inspired visual brilliance of “Concept of Love“–and now have the premiere of Cheery’s latest piece of baroque pop visuality, “Vulture.” You can check out the video below and read our interview with Katlyn Conroy about the new project and its visual bent.

The Pitch: Who makes up Cheery, and how does this new band differ from La Guerre?

Katlyn Conroy: Cheery is my new, more energetic solo project. Our live band is currently made up of Nick Carswell (Carswell and Hope) and Billy Skorupski (Houseproud). La Guerre was a project that had many, many, variations throughout the 11 years it existed. The last album I made (unreleased) ended up being a very equal collaboration between my bandmate Orion Dollar and I, so it just didn’t feel right releasing it as La Guerre. So we made the decision to effectively split La Guerre into two new projects; Dooms, which is Orion and I, and Cheery. I went into Cheery with the goal to really let go and try to accomplish all of the musical and visual energy I’ve suppressed for a long time. It’s brighter. Don’t worry, most of the content is still heartbreaking though!

How are you recording and creating all this music?

Mostly all of this Cheery album I am writing and tracking at home, then sort of cleaning up and embellishing at my longtime friend/bandmate Eric Davis’ (Pala Zolo, Hembree) home studio. Eric has been producing and mixing this album with me, and I like to think he pumps some needed adrenaline into a lot of these songs.

On that tip, what’s it like making music with Eric Davis, considering you all were in your first band together?

Working with Eric is so comfortable. We spend a ton of our sessions just talking. It’s also really wonderful working with someone who gets so excited about your music and what we accomplish together. Invigorating, really. He’s a sweetheart and our tastes really align.

Why make videos, rather than just releasing singles?

I have ALWAYS wanted to make videos. TONS of videos. I think that’s just because to me, all of my songs are really visual, even the super chill, sad ones. I always have a clear vision of what the video would look like for every song. With La Guerre, I only ever had two semi-professional videos made and really regretted not doing more. So, yeah in a way Cheery is sort of my redemption to myself to do everything “right” (to me) this time. I want to have videos for most all of these songs. I really loved working with Jacob Schermerhorn on the “Concept of Love” video and will be doing at least one more with him. With the “Vulture” video, I was excited to let James Murphy just really run wild and do what he does best, and the outcome was bizarre and fantastic. To me, it feels like some shit you’d see on Adult Swim at 2 a.m. and I’m all about that. I have some pretty wacky ideas for future videos, and especially paired with the high energy of a lot of these future tracks, I’m stoked!

If you’re interested in working with Katlyn Conroy and making the next Cheery video, you can hit her up at hearcheery at gmail dot com, and you can follow all of the band’s doings on Instagram

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