Premiere: Bloom Allen’s ‘U Should Come Around’

Watch our premiere of the Kansas City singer-songwriter’s new video


It’s often easy to float through life on autopilot. It can be nice when something (or someone) stops you in your tracks. That’s what Bloom Allen hopes to do on “U Should Come Around,” the Kansas City singer-songwriter’s new single.

The first half of the song sees Allen reflecting on love lost as he strums at his acoustic before a brief psychedelic interlude kicks in—Allen’s vocals and guitar tracks, already keenly interwoven, swirl out of control. Then, just like that, a drum machine kicks in and we hear the voice of someone who’s found some of the clarity and structure he’d been longing for. Musically, it plays like someone chopped up Frank Ocean’s Blonde and spliced in moments of idyllic indie folk—and best of all, it works.

The video was shot and directed by Riley Rouse and Graycie Rhoades in Unionville, Missouri. The production is clean, stylish, and momentarily disorienting, like the song it accompanies.

“We did the whole thing in a day,” says Allen. “I figured why not shoot a video for a song about feeling lost while literally getting lost driving around a tiny town in Missouri.”

A real day trip.

Watch the video below.

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