In this Robert Rodriguez-produced sequel to Predator — the 1987 sci-fi horror film that put the multi-megaton Reagan-era stud soldiers’ action in the infrared cross hairs of a higher-tech intergalactic superpower — U.S. soldier of fortune Royce (Adrien Brody, knotty with new muscle) leads the human targets. Mind-wiped and stranded in an uncharted jungle, he finds a similarly disoriented gaggle of international bad men yanked from Mexican cartels, the Chechen front, Sierra Leonean death squadrons and death row, rounded out by a femme sniper (Alice Braga) and unarmed comic relief Topher Grace. The Dirty Octet soon figures out that this is a game preserve where they’ve been hand-picked for alien hunters. There should be more pleasure in this hell-is-other-mercenaries concept, but doing The Most Dangerous Game is to action directors what covering “Satisfaction” is to bar bands. If you hit most of the notes, it’ll do.

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