Pray Station

Heaven forbid: I want to thank the Pitch staff for the recent articles pertaining to the church (Tony Ortega’s Kansas City Strip, August 12; Kendrick Blackwood’s “ Ministers Hate Fags Too ,” July 22). However, I am writing out of extreme disgust of the way these so-called Christians handle themselves. I heard a quote once, which couldn’t be closer to the truth: “The single greatest cause of atheism in the world today is Christians.”

Christians drove me away from the church. I once worked for a Christian radio station; now I’m practically an atheist. I took a 3-year hiatus from the church, having faith that everything would work out when I went back to it — and to tell you the truth, all I saw when I returned were people completely disrespectful of other religions and beliefs, not to mention hypocrites. For one, and I’m sure you knew it was coming, the gay marriage vote amendment attempt should have tanked. At what point are two gay people in love who wish to marry violating your life? The fact is, you assholes have no right to come between two human beings in love.

Shane Bishop


Cross breeder: Concerning Kendrick Blackwood’s “Ministers Hate Fags Too,” I’d like to say that as a diehard liberal, I really love Kansas. This state is, by and large, conservative in a “good way.”

State Representative John Ballou is an honest legislator who doesn’t let his faith interfere with his civic duty. Most Kansans are about being good neighbors rather than in-your-face proselytizing. The exceptions make the news, but they are the exceptions.

A caution to the gay community, though: While I don’t believe gays are icky, often the favor goes unrequited. In discussing these issues over coffee, I’ve heard the word breeder once too often. I’m no “breeder.” I committed paternity once, then had surgery.

Breeders are members of a “the more the merrier” cult, such as Judge Henry Green in Leavenworth (Tony Ortega’s Kansas City Strip, February 12), who all want every woman on Earth to squeeze out another puppy every 10 months.

A breeder I’m not.

In these days of lesbian custody battles, the term’s particularly meaningless. If gays want straights to not hate ’em, they can start by not hating straights. Course, these “straight bashers” are in the minority, but they’re loud.

Celebrate diversity, eh? Even the majority segments.

Russ Bixby

Bonner Springs

Race Card

Pushing the envelope: Regarding Andrew Miller’s “ Black Listed ” (August 19): At Hallmark, unfortunately, it’s not just happening in the art department.

I worked for Hallmark for 5 years in customer service and sales in what was to be a stepping-stone position that would lead to greater opportunities within Hallmark — opportunities that I never saw. Although I managed to train several white employees who were promoted above me, and at the advice of managers I got more training, got involved with Hallmark groups and activities, networked with “higher-ups” outside of my department and interviewed for many other positions in other departments, the end results were nothing but frustration, until I resigned to move to another state.

I was gone for 5 months and have gotten the runaround on re-employment with Hallmark since my return to Kansas City. I have to say that I witnessed several white employees quit and come back to even better positions — some even leaving more than once. I hate to think of Hallmark as a racist company, but if it walks like a duck, who can argue facts?

M. Wortham

Kansas City, Kansas

Black like me: I was moved by Andrew Miller’s “Black Listed” but not surprised.

I have lived in the Washington, D.C., area most of my life (with the exception of some schooling in North Carolina). In my experiences and observations, I have noticed that the general public (mostly white) are concerned about how we (blacks and other minorities) are treated and represented but don’t consider us in their everyday decisions.

Take television, for example. After The Cosby Show ended, only two of the major networks carried any black shows. Shows featuring the black experience. The few that have been added recently are all comedies. My opinion is that our opinions and views are not taken seriously. The reason for that is that there is no consequence for not taking us seriously.

Mark Boyce

Forestville, Maryland

Justice League

Trial and error: Thank you for Allie Johnson’s amazing article (“ Unreasonable Doubt ,” August 19). All we have wanted for my brother are truth and justice. He is innocent, and with such outrageous accusations, it is difficult for people to believe you when you mention the words child molester.

Ted and my family have suffered so tremendously by his trials and the injustice he has received. Thanks again for the time and effort put forth by Johnson and the Pitch to tell the truth. We know in our hearts he will be home soon.

PS. My brother has a Web site ( and would appreciate any donations for help in continuing his fight. Thanks so much!

Tiffany Means

Aurora, Missouri

Twang Bang

Cowboy junkie: How stupid was Robert Bishop? Letting him preview Y’allapalooza (“ Critics’ Choices,” August 19) would be like letting a vegetarian preview a steakhouse. Obviously he isn’t a country fan; otherwise, he wouldn’t have said that Tracy Lawrence and Clay Walker haven’t produced hits in 10 years — research, man, research.

I hope he actually went to the concert, because he would have seen how Tracy’s and Clay’s fans still love them and how they are putting out the hits, unbeknownst to Mr. Bishop’s little closed mind. He needs to widen out or not preview country music any longer.

Name Withheld Upon Request